Easing Your Way Back Into Dental Care

You sit back in the comfortable reclining chair. Someone offers you a set of headphones. You close your eyes and listen to some relaxing music.

You ease back into the chair while the staff does its work to keep you healthy ….

This isn’t a description of your visit to a spa or some vacation resort. It could be your experience at our dentist office in Danville, IL.

We have a few goals for every patient who visits Advanced Smile Arts. We want your mouth to be as healthy as it can be, and we want you to feel as comfortable as you can when you are visiting with us.

For patients who have dental anxiety, we understand that staying relaxed at a dentist’s office can be challenging, but it’s a challenge we have helped many patients meet. And we believe that we can help you, too.

To learn more about our approach to patient care, feel free to call us at (217) 703-4536 or to reach out to us with our online form.

Your Comfort Is Important To Us

Depending on when and where you grew up, you may have a vision of dentist offices as cold, sterile places. This may have left you with the impression that dentists don’t care about their patients’ comfort. That’s not the case at Advanced Smile Arts.

Dr. Mike Fuesting and the rest of our team believe in providing the highest quality dental care that we can. Part of doing this is helping every patient feel comfortable. When a patient feels stressed, that’s not good for him or her, nor is it good for the person providing that patient’s treatment.

Every patient is different. Two people can feel anxious about going to the dentist for very different reasons.

One person may have grown up with a dentist who was judgmental and critical of every little oral health issue. We understand why this could make someone fearful of going back to the dentist. Another person may have a sensitive gag reflex, which could cause them to feel uncomfortable going somewhere where people will be doing work in their mouths.

And if you had a previous dentist who wasn’t using the latest treatment techniques, then you make be afraid that your dental care will be painful.

All of this makes sense to us. That’s why we use up-to-date dental technology and technique and why we have added comfort and sedation options to address all of those concerns and more.

How You Can Feel More Relaxed At The Dentist Office

Before we explain some of our comfort options, please be patient with yourself. If you have avoided the dentist office for years due to fear or anxiety, those feelings probably won’t disappear with a single visit to our office.

However, as you get to know us and our approach to dental care, each visit can become a little easier. With that in mind, here are some things that may help you reduce your anxiety:

Schedule A Longer Appointment

You can request a longer appointment at our dentist office in Danville, IL. This can help so you don’t feel like you are being rushed.

When you know you have more time to complete your cleaning or other treatment, you can feel comfortable asking to take a break. This way, you can break up your treatment into smaller, more manageable segments. Even if you don’t take a break, just knowing that you can could ease your mind.

Be Entertained

In our introduction, we described a patient listening to music. That’s just one of ways you could distract yourself during your dental visits. We also have in-room televisions if you would prefer to watch one of your favorite programs.

We’ve found that many patients are more relaxed when they have something to distract them during their dental care.

Try Sedation

Sedation dentistry isn’t for everyone, but it can be a great option for patients with stronger anxiety or specific worries about gagging or pain. Sedation dentistry has an anesthetic effect so you won’t feel any pain, and since it relaxes you, you won’t gag either.

We offer two types of sedation: nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and oral sedation. Let us know if you are interested, and we can discuss each so you can decide which might be right for you.

Here For You

Our team at Advanced Smile Arts is here to support your efforts to keep your mouth healthy. That includes doing what we can to help you feel comfortable receiving dental care.

Again, please contact us online or call (217) 703-4536 to learn more about us.

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