Face Your Dental Fear With Oral Sedation

The vampires, werewolves, and zombies have had their fill of candy for another year. But there may be something you find even scarier that’s always around — the dentist.

We promise that we don’t take it personally if you are afraid of the dentist. Millions of people across the United States struggle with dental fear and dental anxiety. If you are one of them, we understand.

And our team at Advanced Dental Arts wants to help you learn to face and manage those feelings. A great way to do this is with oral sedation. Dr. Mike Fuesting has been using sedation dentistry to help patients in and around Danville, IL for several years.

This service can help you keep your mouth as healthy as possible. To learn more, call (217) 703-4536 or contact us online. Or you can keep reading. We will do our best to answer your questions about oral sedation below.

What Are The Benefits Of Sedation Dentistry?

The biggest benefit is that you will have a better chance of preventing problems and of taking care of small problems before they become long-term concerns.

But knowing that is not going to make it easier for you to sit in a dentist’s chair.

We often hear from anxious patients that they are worried that their dental care will be painful. This won’t be an issue if you receive oral sedation. The medication will keep your relaxed and pain-free throughout your dental appointment. Whether you need a dental cleaning or something more serious, you can trust that you won’t feel a thing.

Gagging is another common concern that we hear from patients. If you have a sensitive gag reflex, then it makes sense why going to the dentist would worry you. But again, sedation dentistry can eliminate this worry. When you are sedated, you will remain relaxed which makes it unlikely that you will gag during your appointment.

Many people are bothered by the sights and sounds of dentistry. That could include a dental hygienist moving equipment around or anything else or a specific piece of equipment being used.

This is also why many patients find that the biggest benefit of sedation dentistry is they often don’t remember anything about their visit. (Dr. Fuesting can tell you that some patients call to apologize for missing their appointment because they have no memory of coming to our office.)

Even if you don’t remember what happened, you still get the oral health advantages that come with professional care.

How Does Oral Sedation Work?’

Oral sedation is as simple as taking a dose of oral medication prior to your appointment.

You will need to arrange for someone else to drive you to and from our office, however.

We will make sure you are feeling the effects of your sedation medication before we begin your procedure. While you are in a relaxed state, we will clean your teeth, address any periodontal problems, or do whatever else you need done.

When you are finished, your friend or relative will take you home. If you receive oral sedation, you should plan to rest for at least a few hours since it will take time for the effects to wear off.

Is Oral Sedation Your Only Option?

No, it isn’t. We also offer a nitrous oxide, which you may also know as laughing gas.

Nitrous oxide is considered a lighter form of sedation, but it offers many of the same benefits as oral sedation. It will prevent you from feeling pain and help you remain calm and relaxed during your appointment.

Nitrous oxide is inhaled, and you can feel its effects within a matter of minutes. You will continue to breathe the gas throughout your treatment. When you are finished, we simply turn off the gas and remove the mask.

As you naturally exhale the remaining gas from your body, you will start to feel like yourself again. The effects can wear off nearly as quickly as they took effect.

Some patients will start with oral sedation when they first come to our Danville, IL dentist office. As they become more comfortable with us, many will step down to nitrous oxide. In time, some can even receive dental care without any sedation at all.

Sedation Can Keep You Smiling

If you can’t remember the last time you had a dental cleaning, then it may be time to ask about oral sedation at Advanced Dental Arts. This could help you manage your dental fear for a long, long time.

Call (217) 703-4536 or contact us online to learn more.

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