Family Dentistry Is About Quality And About Caring

Grab a piece of paper and make a quick list of the most important people in your life. We’re going to go out on a limb and guess that your family members are on that list. You probably like seeing them happy, which is why we also hope you will bring them to our family dentist office.

What should a family dentist do for you and your loved one? What should you expect from a family dentist? At Advanced Smile Arts, we believe every patient deserves the highest quality dental care. We also believe that our patients should be comfortable throughout their treatment.

We will explain how we achieve both of these goals in our Danville, IL, dental practice in a moment.

For now, just remember this: You can contact us anytime to make an appointment online or by phone, 217-703-4536.


Family Dentistry Is Rooted In General Dentistry

Oral health is an important part of your family’s overall health. Keeping your mouth clean and healthy is the primary goal of our team of dental professionals.

We want to help in every way that we can. This starts with what you do at home. You know that you should brush your teeth twice and floss between your teeth and gums every day. Dr. Fuesting and our staff can answer any questions you have about what you and your kids can do to keep your teeth free from cavities and gum disease.

We also know that people are not perfect. That’s why it’s important to come to Advanced Smile Arts a few times every year for professional dental cleanings.

A member of our team will remove any tartar or plaque that has built up in your mouth. We also will keep a watchful eye out for signs of tooth decay or gum disease. We will let you know if we see anything, and we will let you know the best way to treat it.

Routine cleanings and examinations can prevent small issues from turning into bigger ones.

While you are here, we can also provide fluoride treatments and dental sealants. Fluoride can strengthen and repair the outer layer of your teeth. Dental sealants create a barrier that can protect your most vulnerable teeth from the bacteria that cause tooth decay.

To schedule your next cleaning, call 217-703-4536. New patients are always welcome.


Patient Comfort Is Important In Family Dentistry

We want every patient to have the best experience possible during each visit to Advanced Smile Arts. This starts with your first visit to our office.

We want parents to accompany their children during their first visit to our office. We find this helps the child (and many times the parents) feel more comfortable. We will show your child our office, and if he or she is ready, we will invite them to sit in one of our special chairs to look at and clean their teeth.

If your child needs a treatment, we use the “show, tell, do” method. This starts by showing your child what will happen, and explaining how it is done. This is good for children and parents to ask questions, too.

We find this improves our patients’ comfort with their procedures. Then, we are able to do what needs to be done.

For patients who may feel a little anxious about being at the dentist. We have a couple ways to help them relax. Some patients take comfort in having a cozy blanket or a toy to hold. For others, we can provide nitrous oxide to help them relax and remain calm.

(For adults who may experience dental anxiety, we also have the option for oral sedation. Be aware that you will need to have someone else drive you home if you choose this option.)

We also know that just being a dentist office may take some adjustments. This is why we created special waiting area for children.

Contact our dentist if you live in or near Danville, IL, to plan a visit or to learn more about our approach to family dentistry.


Your New Home For Family Dentistry

We want you to feel like you are visiting a friend whenever you bring your family to Advanced Smile Arts. We have been serving families in and around Danville for decades, and we want to help you and the people closest to you, too.

This starts when you make an appointment online or call 217-703-4536 to schedule a cleaning.

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