Five Ways Dental Crowns Are Good For Smiles

If you are like most people, then you have dropped something fragile at some point in your life.

Maybe it was your phone, a small ceramic figurine, or a drinking glass. In any case, you’ve known the feeling of watching something fall and knowing you can’t do anything about it.

If you break a drinking glass, you clean it up knowing that you have more. If you break the figurine, your feelings may depend on whether it was a gift or part of a collection.

And if you break your cell phone … well, that’s usually not cheap to replace.

At Advanced Smile Arts, we can’t help if you break those things, but we can help if you break or lose something we think is more valuable — your teeth.

At our dentist office in Danville, IL, our restorative care includes using dental crowns to repair teeth to their full shape and size, to restore the function of those teeth, and to replace teeth when needed.

Dental crowns can be used for a variety of purposes, and today we will be discussing five ways they can help you get your smile back.

➤ 1. Restore A Broken Tooth

Broken, chipped, and worn down teeth are part of life.

No one plans to miss a football that is thrown in their direction, and no one expects to bump into someone on the sidewalk because one or both people were not paying attention to where they were going. Yet, these things happen.

If one of your teeth is chipped or cracked, then our team can reshape your tooth by removing the parts that are weaker. This creates an attachment point where we can bond a dental crown in place.

Our BruxZir zirconia crowns look strikingly similar to natural teeth. Plus, they have the strength and durability to last for decades while allowing you to eat as well as you could before your tooth was injured.

➤ 2. Repair A Decayed Tooth

Tooth decay can lead to cavities. If you act quickly or we find a cavity during your routine cleanings and exams, we often can repair your tooth with a dental filling.

Sometimes, however, cavities aren’t in visible locations. They develop and grow for a bit before you realize you have one. Then again, some people just wait a little too long before they call the dentist for help.

Regardless of the reason, a delay in fixing your tooth may mean the cavity has grown too large to fix with a filling. In those cases, we can use a dental crown instead.

The process is similar to what we described above, and your tooth will be almost as good as new when we are finished.

➤ 3. Whiten Discolored Teeth

If all your teeth are discolored, then you may want to ask about our cosmetic dentistry. Teeth whitening or veneers may be a more efficient way to change your smile.

But what if just one or two of your teeth are discolored? This can occur as a reaction to certain medicines. It can happen as a result of a habitual behavior, or it may occur if one of your teeth is injured due to trauma.

A dental crown can be created to closely match the color of the rest of your teeth, so the one or two discolored teeth don’t take away from your smile.

➤ 4. Seal An Infected Tooth

Remember that tooth decay we mentioned earlier? While if you wait too long, then your tooth can become infected. This could require a root canal treatment to remove the infection from your tooth and to preserve the healthy parts that remain.

Root canal treatments also can be necessary if a broken or cracked tooth is deep enough to expose the center of your tooth to bacteria. This can greatly increase your risk of a tooth infection.

A dental crown may be the final part of this procedure. A dental crown will seal your tooth to protect against another infection while restoring the shape and function of your tooth.

➤ 5. Replace A Lost Tooth

The accidents can cause teeth to break or become discolored also can cause teeth to fall out. Untreated tooth decay can be a reason to have a tooth extracted.

When you lose a tooth, we normally recommend replacing it as soon as possible. With at dental implant (to replace the root of your missing tooth) and a dental crown, you can have fully functional and natural-looking replacement tooth.

How To Get A Dental Crown

You can start by calling 217-703-4536 or filling out our online form to request an appointment at Advanced Smile Arts. Our dentist can examine your tooth at our Danville, IL, office and help you decide if a dental crown or another restorative service can improve your smile.

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