Four Common Reasons For Oral Surgery

Our goal at Advanced Smile Arts is to make dental care as simple as possible for our patients in and around Danville, IL.

We do this by offering as many services as we can in our office. This means we can meet almost any dental need that you or your family may have.

Many offices have to refer people out for oral surgeries, but this is something we are proud that we can offer in our practice.

Today, we want to discuss some common surgical procedures that we perform and how we help our patients feel comfortable.

Reasons You May Need Oral Surgery

Ideally, no one would ever need oral surgery. Realistically, we know that some patients will need this service.

The reasons for that will vary from person to person. Today, we want to look at four of the most common reasons.

> Impacted Teeth

Impacted teeth are teeth that cannot come in like they should.

Partially impacted teeth erupt from the gumline, but they are not able to emerge completely. Fully impacted teeth grow, but they do not break the surface of the gumline.

Either kind of impacted teeth can increase your risk for oral health problems. These include infections and gum disease. Impacted teeth can push into other teeth, which can affect the alignment of your teeth. In some cases, impacted can damage nerves as well.

Any teeth can become impacted, but this is a common problem with wisdom teeth. If we find through X-rays and examinations that you have teeth that are causing problems or will cause problems, we will recommend teeth extraction.

> Orthodontic Preparations

Millions of Americans have their teeth straightened every year. Teenagers are still the most common orthodontic patients, but more and more adults are going through this treatment, too.

Everyone wants to have a nice looking smile, and having straight teeth will make your smile look better.

Sometimes, however, teeth are so far out of line that they would make orthodontic treatment far too complicated. To make your treatment more efficient and effective, we may perform a tooth extraction instead.

By taking out problematic teeth, your teeth will look nicer, and you can get your new smile in less time.

> Creating Space

You need to have enough room in your mouth to complete certain procedures. One example of this is dental implant placement.

If your sinuses are too close to your mouth, they may need to be moved. By doing this you will have space that you need for your implants, which then means you can support your dental bridge or dentures.

We can do simple sinus lifts in our office, but this is a case when we may refer you to a specialist if the procedure will be complicated.

> Reinforcements

You may need to add something to your mouth for a few reasons.

One of those reasons is dentures. You want them to fit as well as possible. This makes them more comfortable to wear and more likely to stay in position.

With ridge augmentation, we can change the shape of your mouth to improve the fit of your dentures.

Another reason you may need something added to your mouth is dental implant placement. To hold you implants in place, you need a certain amount of bone. If you have lost bone density, we may recommend a bone graft as a way to rebuild that bone.

This can give you the foundation that you need to hold your implants in place.

Sedation Dentistry

Your comfort is an essential part of the dental care that we provide. Sedation dentistry helps to make this possible.

For patients with dental anxiety, sedation is a great way to help them relax for basic dental care. Sedation dentistry is great for oral surgery patients as well. This allows us to perform the procedure without causing you pain.

We offer both nitrous oxide and oral sedation for our patients.

Nitrous oxide is something you inhale to feel its effects. This is fast acting, and it wears off quickly when we are finished.

With oral sedation, you will take medication before the procedure, and you may continue to feel its effects for hours at a time.

Either kind of sedation can work, and we will talk about which option is best for you.

Keep It Simple

You shouldn’t feel like you have to drive all over the region just to get the dental services that you need. If you live in or near Danville, IL, you can come to Advanced Smile Arts for everything from basic preventive care to oral surgery.

If you would like to know more or you are ready to make an appointment, please call us at 217-703-4536 or contact us with our online form.

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