Going Small Might Be Better For Your Smile

In technology, bigger is not always better. We know this in dentistry just as you know it in your profession.

The first computers were the size of rooms and could only handle basic tasks. Today’s smartphones are pocket-sized computers that people can use to complete complex problems. Even if we focus on work computers, laptops and desktop computers are far more compact and far more powerful than the first ones.

In dentistry, mini implants are a step forward in the world of teeth replacement. They may not be as big as standard implants, but mini implants can provide the same benefits for more people.

Could mini dental implants help you? You can find out by talking to Dr. Mike Fuesting, our dentist in Danville, IL.

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Why You May Prefer Mini Implants

To explain why you may want mini implants, we need to take a moment to discuss dental implants in general.

Dental implants are usually titanium cylinders or screws that are placed into a patient’s jawbone. These act as replacements for the roots of missing teeth.

Implants make the replacements for the crowns of your teeth (dental crowns, dental bridges, and dentures) more stable and secure.

The implants also provide a direct connection between your replacement teeth and your jawbone. This improves the power and force behind your bite, which means you can continue to eat the foods that you want to eat.

As people with traditional dentures can tell, that is a benefit they would like to enjoy again. With implant-supported dentures, they — and you — can.

Implants are also good for maintaining a healthy jawbone, which leads us to the first reason you may prefer mini implants to standard ones.

➤ Mini implants may work when standard implants won’t.

When someone loses teeth, he or she loses bone tissue as well. The reason is because people who are missing teeth are missing roots, too.

When a person with a full set of teeth bites or chews, his or her roots push into the jawbone. That creates pressure on the jawbone. The jaw responds to that pressure by making new bone tissue.

This is an essential to keeping your jaw healthy because old tissue is absorbed back into the bone. Without new tissue to replace it, your jawbone will become smaller and weaker.

Dental implants, by replacing your roots, can provide a similar kind of pressure. That leads to the ongoing bone tissue creation needed to keep your jaw from shrinking.

A problem occurs if someone waits too long to get dental implants. If your jaw is too small to support a standard dental implant, there is a way to rebuild it. Through a procedure called a bone graft, bone can be transplanted into your mouth.

As you heal, the bone grows together. This can take several months, but in the end, you have a jaw that can support standard implants again.

Mini implants give you a way to bypass the bone graft entirely. Because mini implants are smaller, they can be placed sooner, and you can get your crown, bridge, or dentures without any extra steps.

➤ Mini implants can allow you to enjoy the benefits of implants faster.

Knowing what we know about restorative dentistry, our team at Advanced Smile Arts wants you to enjoy their benefits for as long as possible. Mini implants can help make that happen.

Since mini implants are smaller, having them placed in your jaw is a less invasive procedure than getting standard implants. For this reason, you may prefer mini implants in some cases even if you can support full-sized implants.

With many procedures, you will get your implants, then you will need time to heal before your other replacement teeth are attached to an abutment on the end of your implants.

Since mini implants are smaller, you need less time to heal. That means you can have your smile restored sooner. It also means you can start eating your favorite foods again without worrying that your “teeth” might get pushed out of position.

Mini Implants Could Mean Big Things For You

It’s been said by many people in many ways that it’s the little things that matter in life. They probably weren’t thinking about mini implants at the time. Yet, we know at our dentist office in Danville, IL, that they have made a huge difference in the lives of many patients.

Call us today at 217-703-4536 or contact us online if you would like to learn how mini implants could help you or someone you love.

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