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If you have experienced tooth decay, damage, tooth loss, or infection, we can help restore your teeth to their full potential. By repairing damage, replacing missing teeth, and eliminating infection, we can help you get back to your normal life quickly. Below you will learn more about each of our restorative dentistry services and how they can help you. Please feel free to contact our Danville, IL dentist office with any questions or concerns you may have.

Tooth Fillings
Fillings are one of the most commonly used restorative dentistry solutions we offer. If you have a cavity (one of the smallest forms of tooth decay), we can patch your tooth up using a tooth-colored composite resin filling. These fillings look great in your mouth and restore your appearance in addition to your tooth structure. We can also place metal amalgam depending on your needs. These fillings sometimes hold up to continuous pressure better than composite fillings. Talk to Dr. Fuesting about which filling option is right for your specific situation.

Root Canals

We perform painless root canal therapy procedures to save teeth and eliminate your pain. Root canals are sometimes necessary when the dental pulp has become infected. We will gently remove the infected tissue and seal the tooth against disease and decay in the future. This procedure effectively eliminates the tooth’s ability to feel pain and allows you to get back to your normal life. A root canal is nothing to be afraid of — we can help you get out of pain and get back to your daily routine.

Dental Crowns & Bridges
We offer beautiful BruxZir zirconia crowns and bridges. Our crowns will repair the damage to your tooth while maintaining its natural appearance. Bridges are used to noninvasively replace one or more of your natural teeth. We take digital impressions to craft the crown or bridge with precision. In some cases, we also offer metal crowns. Talk to Dr. Fuesting about what material is best for your new crown or bridge.


Veneers can be used for more than just cosmetic purposes. If you have a crack, chip, or other small areas of damage (especially on the front teeth that show when you smile), a veneer may be a great solution for you. We can repair the damage and offer you a beautiful outcome at the same time. Learn more about veneers on our cosmetic dentistry page.

Dental Implant Services
Dental implants are a reliable, beautiful way to replace the teeth you have lost. We offer traditional single implant placement, All-on-4 procedures, mini dental implants, and more. For more information regarding dental implants, please visit our page here.

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Dr. Mike has taken many classes and attended several advanced mini-residencies on all aspects of implant dentistry. He holds membership to dental societies like American Dental Association, the Illinois State Dental Society (he serves on the Spokesperson Bureau), the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, and an associate member of the Chicago Dental Society.

If you are ready to schedule an appointment for our restorative dentistry services, please contact our Danville, IL office directly. We can be reached at 217-703-4536. You can also send us a message using our online form. We will be happy to help you schedule a date and time for your appointment that is right for you. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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