Summer Of Smiles: Cosmetic Dentistry

Summer will be here officially in a matter of weeks. That means more sunshine and more reasons to be out and about.

You’ll spend more time getting together with family and friends and creating the kinds of memories that will last a lifetime. Hopefully, that will give you plenty of reasons to smile.

Although it may not if you are embarrassed by your teeth. Maybe your teeth are crooked or crowded. Maybe you have a gap that you’ve wanted to get rid of for years.

Maybe your teeth have become yellowed or discolored in some other way.

Today’s blog from Advanced Smile Arts is the first of two about ways we can help you improve you smile. There’s no better time to do that than in the summer.

Our focus today is on the ways cosmetic dentistry can help you improve your smile. In our next post, we will discuss how restorative dentistry can give you back the smile you once had.

After reading this post, feel free to get in touch with our dentist office in Danville, IL, to schedule a consultation to find out if or services could help you.

What Is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry can be understood by thinking about make-up.

The cosmetics industry produces countless products to help people look better. These include lipsticks, eyeliner, foundation, blush, lotions, and products to reveal or conceal your real hair color.

Cosmetic dentistry is the field of dentistry devoted to improving your natural smile.

It’s extremely rare for someone naturally have a “perfect” smile. In fact, it’s possible that no one in the world was genetically gifted with such a smile.

That said, we all know people with amazing smiles, and we have met people with what we might call distracting smiles.

In general, people with nice smiles are more comfortable showing their teeth, whether they are talking to someone at a social gathering, meeting a potential client for their job, or posing for a photo to be posted on some social media site.

If you have a mirror handy, take a look at your smile. How would you describe it? Is there anything you would like to change if you could? If so, keep that in mind as you continue reading. You may find a way to accomplish what you want to do.

How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Change Your Smile

Your teeth can be less than perfect for a variety of reasons. We’ll address some of the most common things that people want to change about their smiles below.

➤ Whiter Teeth

Teeth are called pearly whites, but yours may not be living up to their nickname. This is a normal and natural process that happens as we get older.

Every coffee we drink, every cookie we eat, every tea we sip, and every plate of pasta we eat leave behind small traces on our teeth. Even if you brush and floss your teeth daily like you should, you aren’t going to be able to remove every last particle.

It’s also why people’s teeth tend to look yellower and darker as they get older. Brushing and floss are essential to keep your teeth healthy and free from tooth decay. However, if you want to keep your smile as bright as it can be, then professional teeth whitening can remove years of stains from your teeth quickly and efficiently.

We offer laser treatments and professional strength Crest Whitestrips. (These are much stronger than what you can get at the grocery store.)

➤ Straighter Teeth

One way to improve crooked and crowded teeth is orthodontic care. That will work if you are willing to commit to years of treatment.

If you are looking for a faster way to achieve a smile that looks straight, then you may want to try porcelain veneers instead. Veneers are a shell that can be bonded to the front of your teeth.

Like new siding can change the appearance of a house, veneers can transform your smile in a matter of a few weeks and a couple visits to our office.

➤ Gapped Teeth

If you have a gap between two or more of your teeth, then you have what is known as diastema. For some people, their gap can make them feel self-conscious about smiling.

If you are one of them, then porcelain veneers can help you, too. Veneers can be bonded to the front of your teeth to create a uniformly spaced smile.

Ready To Upgrade Your Smile

If you want to change something about your smile, please get in touch with our dentist office in Danville, IL. At Advanced Smile Arts, we have seen how our cosmetic services have helped many patients feel more confident about sharing their smiles.

To improve your smile, fill out our online form or call 217-703-4536.

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