Versatile Veneers Can Revive Your Smile

Try to imagine yourself walking down a red carpet to a Hollywood premiere. This is your first big event like this.

As you get closer to the door, a gaggle of photographer start shouting your name. They want you to pose for a few minutes so they can take your picture. You smile … and your realize that those photos will be shared for the world to see.

For most of us, red carpet events and photographers clamoring for our attention is never going to happen. Then again, we live in the Internet age.

Then again, we live in the Internet age.

You don’t have to be famous to have a social media account. In fact, you just need to know someone else who has a social media account for your photo to be shared online. Maybe millions of people won’t see your photo, but your family, friends, and coworkers might. If you are worried that your smile isn’t photo ready, contact Advanced Smile Arts and ask about veneers.

Maybe millions of people won’t see your photo, but your family, friends, and coworkers might. If you are worried that your smile isn’t camera ready, contact Advanced Smile Arts and ask about veneers.

This is one of the many cosmetic services we offer at our Danville, IL, dental practice.

What Would You Change About Your Smile?

Perfect teeth are extremely rare in the real world. Very few people are born with naturally straight, perfectly parallel, and evenly spaced teeth.

If you see someone with this kind of smile, it’s more likely that he or she has received some cosmetic dental care. Indeed, one of Hollywood’s worst kept secrets is that “Hollywood” smiles are often created, kind of like the movies themselves.

Many people live with smiles they aren’t completely happy with because they aren’t sure what can be done, or they are worried the treatment might take too long to complete.

With veneers you can improve your smile in a matter of weeks and just a few visits to our office.

Veneers are placed over the fronts of your teeth, and they can transform your smile (and possibly how you feel about your smile).

How Can Veneers Improve Your Smile?

If you considered your answer to the previous question, then you may be asking if veneers could help you.

Short of replacing missing teeth, veneers can be used to address a wide array of potential dental problems. (You should know that our restorative services can be used to replace missing teeth, however.)

Here are some of the things that veneers can do for you:

► Veneers Can Make Your Teeth Whiter.

We know what you may be thinking. Can’t you just use teeth whitening? Sure, that is an option if your teeth are stained.

Veneers also can be used to do this, plus veneers can whiten teeth that are discolored for other reasons, such as illness or side effects of medication.

► Veneers Can Repair Chipped, Broken, Or Worn Down Teeth.

There’s an old saying about more than one way to skin a cat. Well, in dentistry, there is often more than one solution to most cosmetic problems, too.

Dental bonding may be used to fix teeth with small chips, and dental crowns can be used to fix broken teeth. If you are just looking to fix one tooth, those are probably better options.

But if multiple teeth are showing signs of wear and tear or were damaged in an accident, then veneers may be a more efficient means of fixing all of them at once.

► Veneers Can Straighten Your Teeth.

Option 1 in this situation may be some kind of orthodontic care. This could take two years or longer, but at the end your teeth will be straighter.

Maybe you aren’t interested in wearing braces. Maybe you don’t want to wait two years to see your new smile. This is when you will want to go with Option 2.

Veneers won’t move your teeth the way braces will, but veneers can make your teeth appear straight when the rest of the world sees your smile. If you have crooked or crowded teeth, this is a fast and effective way to fix those flaws.

► Veneers Can Close the Gaps Between Your Teeth.

Again, you can do this with braces, or you can hide the gaps by placing veneers over your teeth.

See Your New Smile

If you have dreamt of having a perfect smile, you can make that dream a reality with veneers. Our team at Advanced Smiles Arts is here to help you achieve your dream.

We serves patients just like you at our Danville, IL, dental practice. Our smile gallery shows some examples of what we can do.

Call 217-703-4536 or fill out our online form to make your appointment. Who knows? You could be posting “selfies” with your new smile before you know it.

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