We Want To Help Patients Cope With Their Dental Anxiety


When many people think of dental anxiety, sedation dentistry is the first thing that comes to mind. While we do offer dental sedation at Advanced Smile Arts, it’s just one of the ways we help patients who are trying to manage their dental anxiety.

Longer appointments help many patients feel like more in control. Knowing they can take a break at any time makes it easier to complete their treatment a little bit at a time.

Entertainment can be a good distraction to take your mind off your dental procedure. If you’d prefer to listen to music or watch television, just let us know.

Comfort options can help as well. For some patients, a cozy blanket is just what they need to relax in our dentist office in Danville, IL.

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Mike Fuesting today to learn more about our sedation and comfort options. Call 217-703-4536 or use our online contact form to make your appointment.

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