You Can Rescue Your Smile With Mini Implants

A new smile with secure “teeth” is all you want.

You may have tried traditional dentures, and after having then refitted more than once, you are ready to try something different. You want stability. You want security.

You want strength in your bite.

Advanced Smile Arts may be able to help with mini implants. We have used mini implants to provide the benefits of implant-supported dentures for patients who were not able to receive more standard sized dental implants.

This is one of the many restorative services we offer at our dentist office in Danville, IL. Keep reading to learn more about how mini implants may be able to help you or someone you know.

What Mini Implants Can Do

The short answer is that mini implants can do the same things that other dental implants can do.

We realize not everyone knows what dental implants are, so here is a quick overview of how implants are used.

Dental implants are titanium cylinders or screws that are placed into your jawbone. Implants were created to replace the roots of lost, missing, and extracted teeth. As such, they add greater strength and stability to other teeth replacement services.

An implant can be paired with a dental crown to take the place of a single tooth. Multiple implants can support a dental bridge if someone needs to replace multiple teeth.

And implants and dentures can be combined to replace an entire row of teeth. This offers some definite advantages over dentures alone.

Traditional dentures rest outside of your gums. With more modern materials, they can give you a very natural-looking smile.

However, traditional dentures are not always secure. They can slip out of position while you are speaking, and certain foods can pull your “teeth” out of place if you try to bite into them.

Some people find this embarrassing, and over time, many people find it frustrating. Denture adhesives can help, but this may interfere with the taste of your food.

With implant-supported dentures, you can have the cosmetic benefits of dentures without the concerns that your dentures will come loose while you are eating or ordering your meal.

How Losing Teeth Affects Your Jaw

Earlier, we made a passing reference to having your dentures refitted. This is a likely possibility for anyone who has traditional dentures.

This isn’t so much because of the dentures but because of what is happening beneath your gums.

A person with a full set of healthy teeth is more likely to have a healthy, strong jaw as well. The roots of your teeth are anchored in your jawbone. This is a mutually beneficial relationship for your teeth and your jaw.

Even if you don’t think about it, you are probably aware that your jaw affects the shape of your face and of your mouth. For your jaw to maintain its shape, it needs to replace old tissue (which is reabsorbed by your body) with new tissue from time to time.

Your roots encourage this process by stimulating your jawbone whenever you eat. The pressure created by biting and chewing presses your roots into your jaw.

That pressure is what prompts your jawbone to make new tissue. By doing this, your jaw stays healthy, and that hold your teeth securely in your mouth.

Why Regular Implants Might Not Work

If you have lost a whole row of teeth, then you won’t have any roots to trigger new tissue creation in your jaw. As the old tissue is reabsorbed, your jaw will grow a little smaller when that tissue is not replaced.

Over time this affects the shape of your mouth, and that affects how well (or poorly) a set of traditional dentures will fit. This also explains why traditional dentures may need to be refitted from time to time.

Dental implants can’t restore the tissue that you’ve already lost, but they can prevent additional bone loss. To be more specific, they can do this if you have enough bone left to hold your implants in place.

If you don’t, that’s when we may recommend mini implants. These have a smaller diameter than standard implants, and as a result, mini implants can be used in many cases when traditional implants will no longer fit.

Don’t Wait Any Longer

Every day you wait you get dental implants, you may be losing precious jawbone tissue. If you are interested in implant-supported dentures, now is the time to schedule a consultation at our dentist office in Danville, IL.

We can help determine if dental implants or mini implants can be used to add stability and security to your dentures. To make your appointment, call Advanced Smile Arts at 217-703-4536 or fill out our online form.

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